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On-Line Governors Club Application

The Governors Club – In response to member feedback and suggestions the Board has decided to create a new level of Society membership with special benefits and recognition—The Governors Club.  Each year many members forget to renew or allow their membership to lapse following a milestone reunion such as their 10 year or 20 year reunion.  The Governors Club is being created to recognize those members making a continued and long term commitment to the Panama Canal Society.  We are deeply appreciative of our members that have renewed every year and we are looking at ways to recognize those members with multiple years of membership.

The Governors Club is a 5-year membership in the Panama Canal Society.  Each new member in the Club will receive special recognition in the Canal Record and at the Panama Canal Society Reunion.  Upon joining members will receive a special gift package from the Society and additional benefits when attending the Panama Canal Society Reunion.  Membership is now due, so why not make it a special membership and join the Governors Club!


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